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Local man totally forgets about Ontario election

– Despite day being only a few days away, says he hasn’t really given it much thought.

“Oh right there’s an election happening soon isn’t there” said Steven, 48 “That explains why there’s a Liberal sign on my lawn.”

“Whose winning?” he asked.

With the election taking place during playoffs and the start of summer many Ontarians have reported being a bit checked out, and not really engaging in a way they normally do.

“Yeah normally I canvass and really do my best to get the elected,” said Hamilton resident . “But this year I just haven’t bothered. I mean everyone knows is going to win again so what’s the point?”

“Hard to get passionate about an election being defined by whether we should build another highway or not,” added Steven. “Maybe if the Liberals and NDP worked together to take down Ford I’d have something to get excited about.”

Photo Credit: Steven Del Duca’s twitter.