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Extreme home makeover? This man washed his sheets

PORT PERRY – Local man Kyle Thompson surprised friends and family last week with the results of an extreme home makeover that was months – maybe even years – in the making: he washed his bedsheets.

“It feels great,” beams Thompson. “It was a lot of hard work. There was sweat, tears, and of course dust, but in the end it was worth it.” 

Thompson explains that there was nothing special that prompted the home makeover, inspiration simply just struck one day: “I woke up with an itch, like a physical itchiness, to make a change. It was like I could smell something in the air – something rank – telling me that it was time to refresh.”

While Thompson spent weeks drawing up blueprints, consulting a design team, and gathering quotes, he ultimately ended up taking the DIY approach. “It was a total gut job! I had to remove the comforter, top sheet, mattress cover, and even the pillowcases. But you can find pretty much anything on YouTube these days to guide you through it.”

Thompson bravely remained living in the house during the remodel, at times even having to use a hot plate for some reason, but he found some light-hearted moments throughout the process.

“It’s funny what you can find from the previous owners during a reno like this,” chuckles Thompson. “When I pulled back the mattress cover, I found an old bucket of buttered popcorn. Like, who left that there, right?!” Thompson later confirmed that no one else has lived in the home.

Once the final touches were complete, Thompson invited friends and family over for the big reveal.

“The before pictures he showed us were pretty shocking,” said cousin Lauren Thompson. “It looked like Kyle had tie dyed bed sheets, but then he said they were supposed to be white.”

“I was pretty grossed out to be invited to this,” said friend Derrick Neil. “And that’s because he sleeps on a futon that he uses as a couch for everyone to sit on when we visit.” 

“I just went for the food,” said neighbor Kurt Fable, “but all he put out was a bucket of super stale popcorn.”

For the unveiling, Thompson had everyone shout “move that bus!” before proudly presenting his bare mattress with the bed sheets crumpled on top.

“Well, of course I haven’t actually made the bed yet,” says Thompson. “It’s such a pain putting that top sheet on.”

Newly invigorated by the success of this renovation, Thompson plans to tackle numerous projects in the coming years, such as cleaning expired sauces out of the fridge, discarding empty shampoo bottles from the shower, and meal prepping a single meal.