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Proposed names for Toronto’s new WNBA team

– With the official announcement of Toronto gaining ’s first franchise, the city is buzzing about what the new expansion team will be called. The team won’t begin playing until 2026, but for now, here are the top ten names being considered the historic women’s team:

  1. Toronto Renovicters
  2. Toronto Crews & Tangos
  3. Toronto Rap Beef Losers
  4. (in the tradition of the Raptors being named after the most popular movie of their founding year) Toronto Dune: Part Twos
  5. Toronto Centres of the Universe
  6. Toronto Dispensaries
  7. Toronto People Who Commute From Hamilton
  8. Toronto Shuttle Buses
  9. Toronto Maple Leaves (finally correcting the grammatical issue with the team’s name)
  10. Toronto This Stadium Is Now A Rexall