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The Beaverton Presents: Glorious And/Or Free, The True History of Canada.

The Beaverton is proud to release our first book Glorious and/or Free: The True History of Canada. Our tale follows Canada’s national story from the very beginning in a part mock-history, part scrapbook with biting headlines, stories and artifacts.

From the early colonial days of Canada’s Declaration of Dependence to our Fathers of Confederation (“DNA test confirms Sir John A. Macdonald actual father of Confederation”), the nation’s proud war history (Vimy Ridge: Canada Becomes a Nation After Killing Germans for Britain on French Soil), and Canada in the 21st century (“Harper offers apology to victims of long form census”), it’s Canadian history like you’ve never seen it before.

With trademark bite and dry wit, The Beaverton looks back and thoroughly skewers our national myths and legends. The book is complete with original illustrations, historical images (modified for accuracy of course), and even a short choose-your-own-adventure novel where you play as John A. Macdonald and see if you could found Canada.

Just read some of these endorsements:

– “I can’t wait to get a selfie with this book” – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

– “The greatest Canadian history I would have read had I not died.” – Historian Pierre Burton

– “Deserving of its own History Minute.” – The guy who does all the History Minutes

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