Conservatives unveil last minute attack ad accusing Justin of supporting Kansas City

TORONTO – In a last minute gamble for GTA seats, the unveiled a new attack ad over the weekend suggesting Liberal leader wanted the to defeat the in the ALCS.

“Justin Trudeau is a well known arsonist who liked the Harry Potter movies more than the books. But now he has gone too far,” the ad begins. “Just like his father Justin is a lifelong Kansas City Royals fan, and if he is elected he will do everything to make sure the Royals win the Pennant.”

The ad goes on to claim that Justin wanted to propose a law to stop from doing bat flips, and that he personally preferred it when the ’s roof was closed. The ad does not give much evidence for its claims, aside from the following passage.

“Look at Justin in this baseball hat. From the back you can’t see what team he is supporting, but you can clearly make out the colour: Blue. The exact same colour as that of the Blue Jays opponent: the Kansas City Royals.”

The ad concludes with the following passage,

“On October 19, remember that a vote for Justin is a vote for that annoying commentator who said Canadians can’t catch.”

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