NDP claim Liberals stole their idea to form majority government - The Beaverton

NDP claim Liberals stole their idea to form majority government

OTTAWA — leader has blasted the incoming Liberal government for stealing his party’s idea to form a strong majority government.

“The Liberals have always had a history of taking our ideas and claiming them as their own,” said Mulcair with an indirect hostility towards the election results. “Whether it be universal healthcare, pensions or winning a majority of seats in the to take control of the legislative and executive branches of the federal government, Liberals can never come up with any original policy ideas.”

Mulcair claimed that persuading 38% or more of the electorate to vote for his MPs has been patently an NDP idea from the very start.

“The moment the writ dropped, I have always said I wanted to defeat Stephen Harper and form government. Trudeau just started saying that immediately after it became popular to say we need a new government.”

At press time, dozens of NDP supporters were delivering inspiring, passive aggressive election posts reminding cynics that there’s still something to be outraged about.

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