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York Professor asks for a note from a dictator before agreeing to defer student’s exam

TORONTO – Professor Emanoil Theodorescu demanded a based student produce a note from his country’s dictator before he would grant them a deferral on their midterm .

“Unless you produce a note from a dictator, member of a military junta or recently deposed royal monarch, how am I supposed to know your claims of a coup d’etat are genuine,” wrote Theodorescu. “You could be making it all up like when a former Japanese student claimed there had been a tsunami but couldn’t produce a simple note from the Ocean.”

“Let me guess: your dictator shot your homework too,” he added.

Theodorescu claims it is University Policy to require all students claiming Coups produce a note written on official provisional government stationary. However, if the student could not obtain that for some reason, they could also have tried to send in a photograph of them with tanks rolling through their city while they hold up a copy of today’s newspaper, or a notarized letter from the UN certifying that the government had been overthrown.

Theodorescu also refused to consider the student’s point that hundreds of protestors had been shot to date.

“People don’t get shot for just protesting. But for a lot deeper reasons. Like if they ever try to request a deferral for one of my exams.”