You just lit off a bunch of fireworks before realizing you were in the Art Gallery of Ontario. Can you save the priceless pieces of art?

You’ve just bought a whole mess of fireworks. The good kind, not the boring legal ones that you give to 4 year olds. You sneak around the alleys of Chinatown trying to find an abandoned warehouse so you can enjoy the pyrotechnics in solitude. You pry open a steel door at the back of a boring 1960’s building. You connect all the fuses together of the fireworks so they are timed so they will all explode simultaneously. You light them up and stand greedily by, ready for the cacophony of lights and sounds. As the flame from the fuse burns down, it illuminates Emily Carr’s Stumps and Sky, and you realise you are not in an abandoned warehouse, but rather the Art Gallery of Ontario.


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BREAKING: We wrote a fucking book