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Liberals attack Conservative party for not acknowledging then ignoring climate change

– The have wasted no time in denouncing Conservative MPs for belonging to a party that refused to acknowledge the reality of climate change at their recent policy convention, rather than following the Liberal strategy of admitting climate change is real and then like it isn’t.

“It is downright offensive for a political party in the year 2021 to not admit that they believe climate change is real,” said Natural Resources Minister Seamus O’Regan after appearing before a House of Commons committee and asking every Conservative on the committee if they believed in climate change, but before appearing before a different House of Commons committee where he vowed to defend the embattled Enbridge Line 5 pipeline with his very should the need arise.

The Liberals have taken the Conservative party’s non-stance on as an opportunity to remind the Canadian public that the Liberal party firmly and wholeheartedly believes in the it ignores.

“We believed in science while buying the Trans Mountain pipeline in 2018, we believed in science while increasing subsidies to the oil and gas sector during , and we believed in science while letting the RCMP act as a defacto private security firm for the fossil fuel industry against Indigenous protesters,” Trudeau bragged while expressing his own disappointment at the ’ lack of acknowledgement of climate change.

“Canadians need to be represented by legislators who fully understand and accept the reality of the while using their political power to make it worse. Legislators who know exactly what the consequences of global warming will be, secure in the knowledge that as members of the political elite of a wealthy nation, they and their immediate descendants will not have to suffer the worst effects of global warming and will have been dead for decades by the time things get so bad that hereditary wealth and power won’t protect anyone in the future hellscape of Hothouse Earth,” Trudeau continued.

“It’s called leadership.”

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole, who has stated that he personally believes in climate change, has nevertheless acquiesced to his party’s wishes and will now throw all his energy behind the official Conservative policy position that the increasing number of extreme and deadly weather events is the result of “cancel culture.”