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QUIZ: What is Neil Young whining about now?

You can hear the unmistakable wheeze of one of rock and roll’s most important singer-songwriters, but you can’t quite make out what his high pitched complaint is about this time. Take this quiz t…


Quiz: Are you the right kind of snob?

So you think you’re better than everyone? You may be, but just being a snob isn’t going to cut it. Take this quiz to find out whether you’re the right kind of snob so you can assert your superior…


QUIZ: Are you a very stable genius?

True genius is a delicate thing. Often brilliant minds are plagued with neuroses or mental illness. But sometimes, perhaps once every few generations, a truly stable genius emerges. One whose con…


QUIZ: Jesus, what was that, a deer?

Oh, shit. Holy shit, Jesus. What the hell was that, it shot out right in front of the car. Jesus Christ, look at the hood of the car! What was that, like a deer or something? Take this quiz and f…


Quiz: Which Phoebe are you?

You’ve done an extensive personality profile and the results are undeniable – you’re a Phoebe. But which Phoebe are you? Take this quiz to satisfy your intense need for granular…