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Quiz: Which Phoebe are you?

You’ve done an extensive personality profile and the results are undeniable – you’re a Phoebe. But which Phoebe are you? Take this quiz to satisfy your intense need for granular online pop-culture related self-identification.

1. What's your day job?
Part-time massage therapist, part-time singer-songwriter
Prophet of divine light
2. Your brother is trying to have a baby. Do you...
Offer to carry the child as a surrogate. After all, it's his and his wife's child, it's just a their-bun-your-oven scenario. Plus he's only your half brother anyway.
Never bothered to seek out your natural family members, so it's not your problem.
Are already pregnant with your brother Coeus's baby. Full brother, full stop.
3. You're up to no good. What's your pseudonym?
Regina Philange
Phoebe Buffay
Selene, goddess of the moon
4. Where did you spend your adolescence?
A burnt-out Buick LeSabre
Foster care
Scrying at the Oracle of Delphi and presiding over the prophetic power of heavenly light
5. Who is your birth mother?
You thought it was Lily Buffay, who killed herself when you were 14, but it turns out it's Phoebe Abbot
You thought it was Lily Buffay, who killed herself when you were 14, but you’ve known for years it’s Phoebe Abbot.
Gaia, personification of the Earth and mother of all life
Quiz: Which Phoebe are you?
You're Phoebe Buffay!
You can be kind of ditzy, but because you're so kind and selfless you're the only 'friend' on a show called 'Friends' that any real person would actually want as a friend.
Quiz: Which Phoebe are you?
You're Phoebe Buffay!
Phoebe Buffay is the screen name of pornographic actress Ursula Buffay, sister of Phoebe Buffay. As Phoebe's ditzy but less empathetic, inconsiderate sister you rank somewhere above Ross but below hot female Ross (Rachel).
Quiz: Which Phoebe are you?
You're Phoebe, Greek Titan goddess of prophecy and light!
Phoebe served as the third Oracle of Delphi until she felt the role was too much of a burden and passed it on to her grandson Apollo as a gift.
Images via NBC, wikimedia commons
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