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Read the ‘Save The Children’ Convoy’s list of demands

From the makers of the ‘federal government must get rid of the restrictions put in place by the provincial governments’ convoy comes a new convoy currently camped out in Ottawa. It’s called ‘Save The ’ and it has a whole new list of demands that Ottawa must meet. Or else! They are:

-Immediately end all funding for the , the UN, the LGBTQ, the ASPCA, the WWE, the WWF the Je Ne Sais Quo and the EFWNJEFAbjknewfbjneq

-Arrest and put him in the same prison the real is currently in

-LGBTQIA2S+ teachers to be banned from discussing their personal lives. If a student asks ‘how was your weekend’ they must reply that they spent it doing needlework or watching Yellowstone on Paramount Plus. No exceptions!

-All convicted paedophiles to be executed. Except for the many paedophiles currently part of this parents rights crusade of course.

-All currently being sent to Ukraine to be redirected to build a palace for Roman Didulo, the real Queen of .

-The CPP stays in tact but Danielle Smith gets to invest all the money in crypto and whatever muscle strengthening tool is selling this week

-Businesses will no longer be allowed to go cashless. And they must accept payment in the form of rolls of nickels.

-Oh yeah and be nice to kids or whatever