CUPE overrides Ford's Notwithstanding Clause with their own 'Notlistening Clause' - The Beaverton

CUPE overrides Ford’s Notwithstanding Clause with their own ‘Notlistening Clause’

– After the PCs used the Notwithstanding Clause to cancel a impose a contract that, adjusted for , represents a pay cut for Ontario’s support staff, the members of The Canadian Union Of Public Employees used their ‘Notlistening Clause’ and went on strike anyway.

used a special clause in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to force me to ,” said custodian Darrel Minden. “But I decided I have a special clause that tells him to get fucked which I invoked this morning. So get fucked Doug.”

“Frankly the Notlistening Clause makes just as much legal sense as the Notwithstanding Clause.”

Insiders say Ford ignoring the possibility of invoking the Notlistening Clause was a rookie error. The clause is sometimes also known as the ‘Na Na Na I am Not Listening Clause’, the ‘fuck you, pay me’ clause or the ‘eat my whole ass if you think I’m going to work for poverty wages’ clause.

The Ford government has complained that the use of the Notlistening Clause is clearly unconstitutional, as it violates the government’s constitutional right to use the education system as a wedge issue to increase its support among suburban parents.

They have even threatened to fine strikers $4,00000 a day, although CUPE will likely override that as well using their ‘Notpayingthatinamillionfuckingyears Clause’

Image: @Cupe4400 twitter