Police: "We could have handled Freedom Convoy without Emergencies Act, we just didn't wanna" - The Beaverton

Police: “We could have handled Freedom Convoy without Emergencies Act, we just didn’t wanna”

OTTAWA – As officers from the , and continue to downplay the necessity of the in finally ending the Convoy Protest, they have made it clear they could have ended the inquiry weeks earlier with the tools at their disposal, they just didn’t feel like it.

“We already had a plan of action in place to remove the protestors from downtown Ottawa,” said one OPP official. “We just waited for a month until after the Emergencies Act was passed because it seemed more fun that way.”

“Also we wanted to wait until a day when the was nice.”

The Officers position of ‘trust us bro, we were totally getting around to it’ has resulted in several questions from residents curious why the Police allowed Protestors to severely impact life in the nation’s capital for as long as they did.

“I understand people are frustrated. But the fact is we would have reached the same resolution without the Emergencies Act. It just would have taken a month or two longer which is no big deal right?” asked one Ottawa Police officer.

“I guess you could say that, even if the provisions of the Emergencies Act weren’t necessary, the public pressure of the Act being used for the first time in motivated us to finally stop taking selfies with the Protestors and actually take the action we could have from the very beginning, but nah. That’s not it.”

In related news a person who does not live in Ottawa has testified that the protests weren’t that bad anyway.

Photo: Maksim Sokolov