Single drop of sweat falls down local dad's face as he tells daycare worker his child doesn't have runny nose - The Beaverton

Single drop of sweat falls down local dad’s face as he tells daycare worker his child doesn’t have runny nose

TORONTO – As local father Jalen Hart told the worker asking checklist questions at the front entrance of the Little Tot’s Playhouse daycare that his child Marcus did not have a runny nose, onlookers reported seeing a single bead of sweat descend from his brow.

“He seemed fine when she asked if his had fever or loss of taste,” said fellow Steven Vogel. “But when she asked if he had a stuffy or runny nose there was this long pause. And I could see the sweat form, run all the way down his face and drop off his chin before he finally said ‘No.'”

“Then he just blurted out ‘have a good day son’ and ran away as fast as possible.”

Despite the fact that he was wearing nothing but a light t-shirt, pajama pants and birkenstocks with socks in the December , the bead of sweat began to form almost immediately when the question was asked, almost as if Hart had been dreading it all night and morning. Witnesses who saw him in his car after drop-off also reported seeing him doing breathing exercises trying to calm down before punching the steering wheel in excitement.

“I know I should have been honest. But I just had a lot going on today and honestly the nose isn’t that bad,” said Hart as he threw out the numerous tissues that he used to clean boogers right before putting his son’s on.

“Runny noses aren’t even on the official COVID symptoms list anymore, so he’ll probably just give everyone colds. Obviously we all need to be safe because COVID is scary. But COVID is way less scary than spending all day with my kid.”

None of the other in line reported Hart, likely because they were all busy rehearsing similar lies in their head.