Ontarians a bit shocked Ford waited 14 months to pull out the 'blame immigrants' playbook - The Beaverton

Ontarians a bit shocked Ford waited 14 months to pull out the ‘blame immigrants’ playbook

TORONTO – In the wake of numerous attack ads and tweets from Ford and his team that falsely claim the third wave in was caused by the federal government’s failure to close the border, Ontarians have expressed some surprise that Ford waited 14 months before pulling out the not-so-subtle dog whistle blaming immigrants for his government’s failures.

“I mean it’s an obvious attempt to other people and blame Brown and Black immigrants when all the data shows that it’s his failure to shut down super-spreader warehouses or care for people in long-term care homes that caused the damage,” said Saba Mahnsour. “But knowing Ford I would have thought he’d have gone to this well way sooner.”

“I don’t want to congratulate him for going racist slower than I thought he would, but I guess I am a little impressed.”

Ford and the Ontario PCs unleashed the campaign after polls found that Ontarians were finally starting to realize what a disaster his management of the crisis had been. One attack ad in particular notes that, due to Trudeau, variants are coming into the country from England, Brazil and India.

“You know it took all their will power not to really emphasize the India one,” added Mahnsour.

When asked why Ford showed such unusual restraint one Ford staffer admitted “we didn’t think of it until now.”