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Ford applauds efficiency of press secretary/Sun columnist relationship

QUEEN’S PARK – Following the revelation of an undisclosed romantic relationship between OPC Director of Media Relations Ivana Yelich and political columnist , Premier has applauded both for “streamlining the conflict of interest process”

At a recent press conference, Premier Ford singled out Lilley and Yelich’s bold innovation in the field of partisan inside dealing.

“It used to be a whole complicated process for a conservative politician to request friendly, ass-kissing coverage in the Sun,” the Premier recalled. “I mean, I used to have to call Joe Warmington or Sue Ann Levy myself at all hours of the night and dictate the stories I wanted them to write. ”

“But now, thanks to the bold innovation of these two lovebirds, they can coordinate media narratives between our and the Sun newspaper all over their breakfast table,” Ford added.

“They’re even doing it on their own private time – think of the savings to the taxpayer!”

A recent Canadaland expose revealed Lilley to be living with Yelich, all while flattering front page stories about the administration that employs her. Recent Lilley headlines in the Sun include “Ford Creates Cure, Trudeau Steals It”, “Doug Ford Named People’s Sexiest Man of 2021” and “Premier Ford, Will You Give Ivana Friday Afternoon Off So We Can Get A Head Start To The Cottage”.

Reached for comment, Lilley said “Ivana told me to tell you our relationship is none of your , and also that Premier Ford has already vaccinated everyone in and the Liberal Media is lying to keep it from you.”

During the Kathleen Wynne years, Lilley was famously critical of Toronto Star columnists for ever having met an Ontario civil servant. Asked whether he thought his relationship with Yelich constituted a similar conflict of interest, Lilley attempted to distract reporters with a photo of a recent Sunshine Girl before running away.

Back to Queen’s Park, Ford once again heaped praise on the “media synergy” between his Director of Media Relations and most supportive columnist.

“Brian’s columns are the only ones out there telling the truth these days, mainly because I tell Ivana what the truth is and then she dictates it directly to Brian, but in smaller words with more exclamation points so it looks like a Sun column,” Ford explained.

“I already can’t wait for tomorrow’s Brian Lilley column, ‘Ford Quashes So-Called Scandal And Also Is He Looking Extra Swole Lately?’”