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Gender-balanced cabinet forces woman to work two jobs

– A is now requiring a woman to two jobs after a male employee left his post for higher pursuits.

, the Deputy Prime Minister, has been informed she is now responsible for the country’s budget in addition to hundreds of other duties as the new Finance Minister.

The Liberal cabinet determined that Freeland had a few seconds in her schedule to take on the new role.

“We believe in advancing the careers of women so long as they keep carrying out their roles from previous jobs,” said Prime Minister . “Feminism is about giving opportunity after opportunity to women. If go by the amount of work done, technically my cabinet is 75% female.”

’s first female Finance Minister has further obligations as a Member of for University-Rosedale, and ensuring everyone’s emotional well-being at cabinet meetings.

Freeland is excited for the opportunity, and looks forward to managing the financial well-being of the country on weekdays from midnight to 3am, and every other Sunday

At press time, she is expected to take on a third in the next two years as Prime Minister.