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Toronto continues to win championships in not hockey

TORONTO – With the winning its first at BMO Field on Saturday evening, Toronto has continued its longtime tradition of winning championships in anything other than hockey.

Within the past calendar year the GTA has celebrated non-hockey championships in football, soccer, and minor league basketball.

“This city is truly unstoppable it seems,” stated Larry Tanenbaum, part owner of MLSE, and Kilmer Sports Inc. “No city in the world comes to Toronto expecting to win, unless of course the playing surface is a 200 foot long sheet of ice.”

Fans across Canada’s largest city flooded the streets at the 6:30 PM conclusion of Toronto FC’s championship win before quickly running back inside to catch the 7pm puck drop of a regular season hockey game between the Maple Leafs and Pittsburgh Penguins.

“We’re proud of our boys,” shouted 46 year old Charlie Rikon. “All that’s left is to bring the Stanley Cup back to Toronto! Please… just once in my lifetime I beg you. I will trade away all these other teams just to see the Leafs win a playoff series.”

Tomorrow the Maple Leafs are expected to honour Toronto FC’s championship in a pregame ceremony at the Air Canada Centre, giving hockey fans in attendance the rare opportunity to see a championship team step onto the ice in Toronto.

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