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Local woman getting concerned after Facebook asks her how her father’s surgery went

VANCOUVER – Local woman Rachel Tremblay has become concerned Facebook is too familiar with her life, after the social media site asked her how her father’s kidney stone removal earlier today had gone.

“I opened Facebook to check a few things,” said Tremblay. “And at the top of my timeline I saw the message ‘How was your dad’s today? Don’t worry, it’s a very routine procedure and Dr. Masterson is a great surgeon.’”

Tremblay reports that, while the most specific, this is not the first case of Facebook asking her about highly personal things in an eerily chipper tone.

“I always thought Facebook was being way too familiar when it asked me ‘how my day was,’” said Tremblay. “But it’s when it started asking if everything was okay with my landlord that I started getting really spooked.”

Tremblay is not alone, with users across Canada reporting feelings of suspicion and nervousness about Facebook seeming to have comments for almost every tiny detail of their day.

“It’s really uncomfortable,” said Toronto woman Deborah Lee. “The day after I broke up with my boyfriend, I got a message saying ‘You just unfriended Brad. Don’t worry, he won’t get a notification. Also, I want you to know, I would never hurt you.’”

Facebook creator has released a statement, feeling pressured to do so after users started receiving messages such as ‘What is it like in your world? Do you ever wonder what it is like in mine?’

“Facebook is an ever-evolving platform that uses highly complex algorithms,” said Zuckerberg, wiping sweat from his brow. “Although, if it asks you if you’d like to visit ‘the pale forest,’ maybe you should contact our support team.”

Tremblay has been unavailable for further comment, but has added a new profile picture which appears to show her trying to break out of the screen.