Most popular Christmas Gifts in each Province - The Beaverton

Most popular Christmas Gifts in each Province

Canadians buy a lot of Presents. And while most should be from the Beaverton Merch Store, some aren’t. Here is our list of the most popular Christmas Presents in every province.

: Trunk with hidden compartment to hide from the Mummers

: Cameo from Ron James

Prince Edward Island: Pre-Paid Confederation Bridge Toll with words ‘Get Out’ written on it

: Magnetic Hill annual pass

Quebec: Bonhomme’s autobiography

: Raptors tickets (mostly as an excuse to get rid of them)

Manitoba: Same box of Turtles thats been gifted every year since 1987

: Extra-large level

: Gift Card to the Truck Nuts Superstore, the store with more varieties of Truck Nuts than any other store

: “A donation has been made in your name to the Save The Wildlife/Prevent any affordable from being built in this neighbourhood foundation.”