Winners and Losers of the 2023 NHL draft based on the 5 minutes of research I did right before it started - The Beaverton

Winners and Losers of the 2023 NHL draft based on the 5 minutes of research I did right before it started

Another first round of the NHL draft has come and gone. And if there is one thing we know about selecting a bunch of 18 year olds to play professional for our teams 1-4 years down the line, it’s that we can immediately know who won and who lost. So without further ado here is my ranking of last night’s winners and losers based on some tweets I saw and a quick perusal of Bob McKenzie’s draft rankings.

Winner: Chicago Blackhawks

They drafted the consensus first overall pick. You wouldn’t think it would be notable to take the guy everyone expected you to take in the spot he was expected to go in, but based on the Anaheim Ducks’ selection, it actually can be quite difficult.

Loser: Canadiens

Everyone knows they should have taken the Russian kid who won’t play for them for three years. GMs who only make ‘win now’ moves and don’t plan for the future because they might not be here then are cowards, and definitely not the result of demanding immediate success without the patience for a rebuild.

Winner: Canucks and Winnipeg Jets

They both took guys who were highly ranked by semi-retired salesman Bob McKenzie. What else do you need to know?


According to several people on twitter and one guy I chatted with in the line at Timmy’s this morning, this pick was a disaster. Easton Cowan is small, doesn’t score much and was not projected to be a first round pick at all. Sure he’s feisty, tenacious and a hard-worker but those kind of qualities are only valuable once someone is actually in the NHL, not when they’re a prospect.


Their first round pick models himself after Leon Draisaitl. Leon Draisaitl is a very good hockey player. If their first round pick is as good as Leon Draisaitl that will be very good for the Calgary Flames. I am being paid for this analysis.

Loser: Edmonton and

Their picks were so unremarkable, I don’t even remember them making any.