"The Freedom Convoy Protest wasn't an emergency," says man who doesn't live in Ottawa - The Beaverton

“The Freedom Convoy Protest wasn’t an emergency,” says man who doesn’t live in Ottawa

Kamloops, BC – man Mark Howerston is confident the occupation of was not enough of an emergency to justify the government’s use of the .

“I get they wanted the truckers out of there but it was hardly a threat to public security” said the man who did not spend multiple weeks living his daily life under a constant barrage of honking, verbal harassment and threats of violence.

“It was just a few trucks, some hot tubs and a couple roman candles going off as I remember it.”

As the Inquiry into the Trudeau government’s use of the Emergencies Act numerous politicians, commentators and everyday people who did not live through it have come forward convinced that Ottawa residents did not really suffer all that much as their city was turned into an international laughingstock.

“I’m sure it was probably annoying, but did anyone really for their safety?” asked Howerston, presumably in an effort to gaslight every single resident of downtown Ottawa.

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