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Nation shocked that Poilievre would bother hiding connection to misogynists

OTTAWA – In the wake of a damming Global News Report that used a hidden tag in his videos to appeal to online misogynistic groups, Canadians from coast to coast are wondering why he bothered to hide it?

“Isn’t appealing to these guys like his whole deal?” wondered Anita Framer. “I get he’s trying to appeal to because there is a huge group of angry out there that he wants to mobilize no matter what harm it does to the country, I just thought that was public knowledge.”

“Honestly I would have expected him to make the misogyny public and hide the stuff about welcoming immigrants or supporting gay marriage.”

Global News managed to uncover that 50 of Poilievre’s videos included a tag not visible to viewers that stands for Men Going Their Own Way, a group of men dedicated to cutting women out of their life (which assumes that any woman will at some point want to be in their lives). The report did not indicate how that is worse than a lot of the things Poilievre has done publicly like march with the , tell Indigenous Peoples to “get over” residential schools or release that video where he is all horned up for wood.

“Poilievre has to be careful here,” said political insider Alan Pembleton. “If more info comes out like this people might start to suspect he’s a right-wing ideologue who associates with questionable groups to further his political ambitions.”

Reached for comment Poilievre insisted he didn’t know anything about this, just like he knew nothing about Diagolon leaders supporting him, the Great Reset dog whistling, or that was a ponzi scheme. “I only know that is and where the campaign HQ coffee machine is.”

At press time Poilievre was up 3 more points in the polls since the Global story came out.