I'm not an anti-vaxxer, I'm just refusing to get a life-saving vaccine during a global pandemic - The Beaverton

I’m not an anti-vaxxer, I’m just refusing to get a life-saving vaccine during a global pandemic

By: Lyle Vucevic

Every time the media describes the thousands of unvaccinated Canadians they talk about us like we are all absurd granola crunching hippies or right-wing Qanon truthers. And frankly I’m sick of it. I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I’m just a regular, hard-working Canadian who has refused to get a life-saving vaccine during a global that has already killed millions.

I’ve gotten every vaccine I was eligible for up until now. MMR, polio, meningitis, you name it and I’ve had it. Because I recognized that these had the one key component that makes them safe: they were old! They’d been around forever and were therefore trustworthy. But the mRNA vaccines aren’t old. They’re young. And I don’t like young things in general. So I will say no thank you very much.

We just don’t know what the long-term health consequences of these vaccines will be. They could include coughing, rashes, shortness of breath, needing to be put on a ventilator in an overcrowded ICU. Maybe even death!

Personally I prefer to wait for the vaccines that aren’t based on mRNA but use the classic vaccine approach of giving a small portion of the virus to the person. You know like the Astrazeneca, Johnson & Johnson or one of the other ones that has already been proven to cause significant side-effects.

At the end of the day I believe in choice. If you choose to get the vaccine I respect that choice. And I expect you to respect my choice to not get the vaccine without you trying to explain the concept of herd immunity to me again. La La La I am not listening La La La.

I just don’t trust to have my interests in mind. I wouldn’t be shocked if, in a few years, we find out they only invented vaccines because they realized that if everyone dies of , there would be no one left to buy viagra.

So I hope you will not denigrate me anymore by calling me an anti-vaxxer. I’m not out there protesting in front of vaccine clinics or screaming at strangers to remove their masks. I’m just living my life, going to eat indoors at & restaurants, sending my to and making plans to travel abroad. Just. Like. You.