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Local man learned not to trust media when he realized Pingu wasn’t speaking French

Thunder Bay, ON – Local man Matt Rabbior advised that his life long distrust of the “-industrial complex” began when he was 14 and realized that the children’s claymation character wasn’t actually speaking French.

“Whether it’s , tv or the so-called news you can’t trust a single word of what the media is telling you,” said Rabbior from his bunker. “They’ll lie to you about being safe just like they lied by omission all those hours I spent thinking I was learning a new language while watching a penguin have some fun adventures.”

“If they’re capable of making up a fake penguin language that sounds like background noise you’d hear on the streets of Paris, then what aren’t they capable of,” he added.

The fact that Pingu never spoke French came to a shock to numerous Canadians once they began studying the language in and realized the words were not the same, and to other Canadians only realizing it now while reading this article. But for Rabbior the revelation set him on a life-long path of questioning authority.

“Sometimes I do wonder. Like would I have believed the media about 9/11 not being an inside job or Hillary not being a lizard person who bathes in the of ginger children if it hadn’t been for Pingu. Honestly I’m not sure.”

Rabbior said his suspicious nature was only heightened when he turned 24 and realized that the reason only appeared when the host wasn’t there is because the host was Polkaroo the whole time.