Editorial: Woke cancel culture has gone too far and no, I don’t have any specific examples - by Rex Murphy - The Beaverton

Editorial: Woke cancel culture has gone too far and no, I don’t have any specific examples – by Rex Murphy


Well, the illiberal cultural warriors are at it again, imposing their dogmatic doctrines to cancel innocent citizens who don’t share their views, although no, I’m not currently at liberty to point to any specific instances of when this has happened.

Progressive cancellation politics today has turned into the fundamentalist religions of old, in that it’s impossible to actually cite any tangible instances of it actually existing, but we all trust that it definitely is. Thanks to these insatiable cultural terrorists, people are being cancelled left, right, and centre, and you know exactly which people I’m talking about – which is handy, because I’m absolutely not going to name any of those cancelled people in this article.

Take for instance the recent example of , which is as far as I’m going to delve into explaining that example for fear that I’ll have to get into some really uncomfortable facts that do not support my editorial’s thesis. But take Dr. Seuss nonetheless, and take my mentioning him to mean that rabid mobs of holier-than-thou leftists have savagely torn this beloved authour asunder simply for the crime of writing children’s books before the “enlightened” year of 2021.

Really, whatever worst case scenario picture you envision is fine by me, and very much bolsters my point.

Even though I’m not going to bother to list any examples of people losing their jobs, homes, and lives simply for disagreeing with the Twitterati hashtag mobs who weaponize their wokeness against traditional values, rest assured that it happens every single day and could definitely happen to you and probably will. The only sensible response to this all-out assault based on specious notions of woke-iosity is to assume that it is absolutely real, and let your powerful fear of it influence all of your political decision making.

There was a time when sensible people could disagree on matters, while at the same time agreeing that I was probably right because I regularly appeared on television. But nowadays every dogmatic leftist fundamentalist with a social media account believes they are entitled to tweet, “Rex Murphy, you’re wrong about this issue” or “Rex Murphy, remember when you didn’t disclose taking all those speaking fees from oilsands corporations”. This is the absolute dictionary definition of cancelling me, and no I will not be elaborating any further that at this time.

All that I’m proposing is for my so-called “friends” on the Cromwellian woke left to open their ears and listen to an opposing viewpoint, namely my viewpoint, and if they dare to say anything back to me then they should all be loaded into a trebuchet and fired en masse into the sun.

It’s the only sensible option.