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Was 2003 The Best Year Ever? No, But You People Endlessly Crave Nostalgia Therapy

Nostalgia, Canada – By every single metric, 2003 was a pretty sub-par year but you just need to live in any other time than now, don’t you? So now we have to list a bunch of things from a time you think was better when it really wasn’t…

Linkin Park? Remember them? Numb, Breaking The Habit, other songs that are the same song… the album with those songs dropped in 2003. The album name doesn’t matter. Just think of when you heard those songs and reminisce and leave me alone.

Oh, and Finding Nemo came out that year wow! Remember the stoner turtles? They were so funny. Back when we were excited for more Pixar before Disney swallowed them and every creative idea they had whole.

We also started doing Flash Mobs! Where you’d organize a bunch of other people to randomly break into dance and scare some strangers and maybe go viral before YouTube existed. But SARS was in 2003. We thought that was an epidemic. We were so naive. 

Paul Martin became Prime Minister in Canada. What did he even do? We don’t remember. It’s just so much worse now.

Lord of the Rings though! The Return of the King came out in 2003, banger film. Great movie. 10/10. You know what wasn’t 10/10 though? The Iraq war. That didn’t turn out so good did it? Yeah we just love some needless violence don’t we?

2003 took Katharine Hepburn from us. KATHARINE HEPBURN! She was 94 but still, maybe some people are so great they just shouldn’t die. Barry White died then too, he was only 59, he could have done a lot more. What a voice.

Madonna kissed Britney Spears on stage…do what you will with that factoid.