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Ford slams epidemiologist for anti-pandemic bias

QUEEN’S PARK – In a victory for public , Premier Ford issued a statement condemning a member of ’s Advisory Table for advocating on behalf of public health.

A recent Sun piece revealed Dr. David Fisman, a epidemiology professor, served as an openly anti-pandemic consultant for the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario. He allegedly informed them of safety precautions that leaned toward preventing infections – a conflict of interest for the Ford government, which takes an absolutely neutral stand on -19.

“We don’t want him coming into our advisory meetings with a biased agenda, like being against uncontrolled community transmission or for keeping your mask on while you sneeze,” said Ford. More damning is that Dr. Fisman reportedly received a small payment for advising the ETFO, unlike Ford who hasn’t received donations from any for-profit industry lobbyists that affect his pandemic policy decisions.

Attorney General Doug Downey indicated he’ll be keeping a close eye on Dr. Fisman going forward: “If we find out his advice is increasing or decreasing COVID-related deaths – he’s in trouble!”

Dr. Fisman’s defenders claim conservatives are discrediting the epidemiologist as payback for his COVID-phobic tweets, which are especially hostile to Ford’s reopening plans. Ford, in his official statement, dismisses Dr. Fisman’s concerns: “The overwhelming evidence shows our government’s return to school plan is safe – but not too safe. It’s the perfect middle ground between those who want to keep their alive and those who believe are devil magic.”

Since the piece came out, Dr. Fisman has offered to resign from the Advisory Table, but his offer was rejected by Ford who would prefer to continue publicly ragging on him.