You'll never believe what Rogers is going to replace the SkyDome with and yeah you're right it’s condos - The Beaverton

You’ll never believe what Rogers is going to replace the SkyDome with and yeah you’re right it’s condos

– Big ! are going to be stunned when you hear what Rogers is planning to do with some of the land where the world-famous stands. This is a total shock but it turns out that… what’s that? Yup, it is . Good guess.

But you’ll never guess what will be beside the condos! Turns out that Rogers and Brookfield Asset Management Inc. have come up with a whole plan to build… Ok, yes, you’re right, it’s retail spaces, office buildings and a crappy park, ok? God, can’t you just let me finish!?

Look, just because every single Toronto landmark that has been torn down recently was immediately turned into condos doesn’t guarantee that this one was always going to be condos, too. They could have gone with restaurants, or a shopping mall, or a second CN Tower. But yes, ultimately they did, as you said, go with condos. Congrats on always being right, I guess.

But they’re not doing away with . Right next to the condos will be a new baseball stadium for the to play in. It’ll be the ’s first ‘condo sized’ baseball stadium. If you can live in 500 square feet, you can have a field where the distance from the plate to the home run wall is only 87 feet. Why not?

You should definitely sign up for a unit. If you’re lucky you could live near where Joe Carter hit his walk-off winner in the World Series. Won’t it be great to wake up every day and know that you get to relive that any time and all the other fans can’t?

I, for one, think this is a great idea. The Dome is old and isn’t an aqua-coloured, 90% window rectangle the way all the other buildings in the area are. The best skylines are all about uniformity!

But don’t worry if you can’t get one of these units. I heard that next year they’re gonna tear down the Royal York and replace it with . Or condos. You might be surprised! But probably not.