Canadian and Mexican governments hope U.S. doesn't notice tunnel being built underneath it - The Beaverton

Canadian and Mexican governments hope U.S. doesn’t notice tunnel being built underneath it

NORTH – Despite being undiscovered since April, Canadian and Mexican officials are remaining firm in keeping the massive allowing travel between the two countries by going beneath the United States a classified project.

“The Sub-American highway is based on one of the major cornerstones of Canadian-Mexican relations; sidestepping around whatever problems the U.S is causing” Said Minister of Foreign affairs Francois-Phillipe Champagne. “Think of it as our version of the Channel Tunnel, only instead of going under water, it goes under a nation full of and Nazis.”

A recent poll has also shown that most Canadians traveling to find the idea of traversing a massive underground tunnel to still be more appealing than flying with .

“We’ve been making great progress and have almost gone completely undetected.” Said construction team leader Shawn Newman. “There was one point where we thought Colorado might have heard us, but we held still for a minute and they moved on. At this rate, we’ll be able to complete the extension to Argentina by 2030.”

At press time, an awkward situation unfolded when the construction crew encountered a team of Americans trying to tunnel from California to New York.