Air Canada promises 100 bonus Aeroplan Miles to any passenger that gets COVID - The Beaverton

Air Canada promises 100 bonus Aeroplan Miles to any passenger that gets COVID

– In the wake of announcing that the company would abandon efforts on its flights, is attempting to reassure nervous passengers that if they do contract the deadly -19 virus, they will receive ‘up to’ 100 bonus Aeroplan Miles.

“We understand people might be nervous to fly in a confined metal tube, let alone one that is somehow exempt from the social distancing rules every other business is following,” said rep Henry Simard. “But we want to reassure them that if anything goes wrong they will be a few miles closer to that trip to Hawaii they’ve been dreaming of.”

“On which they will also have to fly in a confined metal tube without social distancing measures in place,” he added.

The COVID virus has killed hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. Even those who survive are often left with permanent injuries to their lungs. But on the other hand 100 Aeroplan Miles is about 0.4% of the cost of a flight to Chicago.

Simard stressed that just because they are abandoning social distancing does not the airline is done taking precautions. They’ve already planned to wipe down every inch of the , not serve food, and constantly interrupt their in flight to remind passengers not to make out with each other.

“There is a bit of an increased cost to these measures. But fortunately we have some extra money lying around from all the flights we cancelled and didn’t refund,” said Simard.

Via Rail has also announced plans to decrease social distancing restrictions, and as a bonus for travellers will now be making even more unnecessary stops in places nobody lives when you’re just trying to get from to Montreal.