Leaked video confirms Trudeau's status as the Regina George of NATO - The Beaverton

Leaked video confirms Trudeau’s status as the Regina George of NATO

LONDON – A leaked video in which is seen mocking President has confirmed the long suspected rumour that is queen bee of NATO’s infamous Mean (heads of) Governments.

After asked why he was late to the reception Trudeau immediately said it was because takes a forty minute press conference. He said this despite the fact that Trudeau had just told he was ‘like really smart,’ at their meeting earlier in the day.

Trudeau then immediately called Trump and baited him into calling a dumpy cow without telling him that Merkel was on the call too. Although in fairness, it didn’t take much work to convince Trump to say that.

Later in the video Trudeau could be seen admonishing Johhson. “Boris, stop trying to make Brexit happen. It’s not going to happen!”

After the video’s release Trudeau immediately apologized for his actions. “I’m sorry that Donald is so jealous of me. But I can’t help it that I’m popular… outside of Canada at least.”

Reports that Trudeau had also made fun of Trump in his ‘burn book,’ have not yet been confirmed. However U.S. sources have confirmed that Trump has added Trudeau to his ‘murder book.’