Very important to Winnipeg man that you know it is currently colder in Winnipeg - The Beaverton

Very important to Winnipeg man that you know it is currently colder in Winnipeg

WINNIPEG – Multiple sources are reporting that it is extremely vital to the health and wellbeing of a Winnipeg resident that everyone is made aware of the fact that the is actually much colder in Winnipeg right now.

“They call that a snowstorm in ? Looks like spring in Winnipeg to me!” tweeted Erik Tolliver no less than 35 times in reply to tweets from various Torontonians mentioning the recent snow storm and associated freezing temperatures.

“-10 in ? Please. In Winnipeg its about -8000. Without the windchill!”

Tolliver’s need to tell everyone how much worse the weather is in his did not limit itself to twitter. He carried on by posting numerous memes to facebook that were designed to humorously compare the situation in Winnipeg to the one in Vancouver. Then he began commenting on CBC ’s local news instagram, mocking the videos they shared of the freezing rain there.

“I , he is correct that it is colder in Winnipeg right now,” said friend Annette Dupries. “But he’s spent 90% of his waking hours telling everyone that, and frankly that just seems unproductive. Like, we all have the weather network dude.”

However Tolliver, whose personality consists mostly of bragging about the cold and telling people the suck, did not appear ready to slow down anytime soon, as he began scrolling through his phone contacts to see if he can find anyone living in to call and make fun of personally.

Unfortunately before he could do that his cousin from Brandon called to tell him how much colder it was there.