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We asked 7 kids to describe their imaginary friend and they all precisely described Gary Busey

Remember when you were a kid and had an that went everywhere you did and only you could see? Maybe he was a 20 foot tall dinosaur, or a wacky clown, or even another kid just like you. Well we wanted to see what kind of imaginary friends kids today have and so we asked seven of them to tell us about theirs! Disturbingly, they all described :

1) Jimmy Dollard – Age 8

My friend has blonde hair like me, except he’s much taller and a grown-up. His face has wrinkles and I can’t tell if he is talking softly or yelling sometimes. My parents say they can’t see him, even when he makes his scary face and crazy laugh. His favourite thing to do is to sit and watch a silly movie he calls Point Break.

2) Sally Wilson – Age 4

The bad man with the teeth is my friend. His name is Gary. He makes me laugh when he yells at my feet. Sometimes Gary, the man with the teeth, goes to our kitchen and breaks plates. He yells then too. My mommy gets mad and says I did it. She doesn’t believe me when I say it was Gary. She can’t see the bad man with the teeth, but I can, and our dog Rex can too.

3) Marwan Ali – Age 13

I’ve had my imaginary friend since I was three. I thought he’d go away after a while but he still appears out of my bathroom mirror every day at 2:30 p.m. He runs around the house breaking stuff while screaming, “I was in the movie 48 Hours! I was in the movie 48 Hours!” over and over. The only way to make him go away is to scream back at him “No. That was Nick Nolte!” three times. Then he yells and jumps back through the mirror. He’s never told me his name but I saw his picture on TV once and I think his name is Gary.

4) Anthony Rodriguez – Age 10

Yes, it’s definitely Gary Busey. My dad is a really big fan of a movie called Lethal Weapon and he was watching it one day and I saw my friend in it and I said “that’s my friend”. My dad said that was impossible because the scary man with the teeth in the movie was called “Gary Busey”. I said that it’s the same man who melts out of the fridge every morning and breaks plates. Then I got sent to my room.

5) Elizabeth Hanson – Age 11

He’s six feet tall with blonde hair. He’s white and loud. He likes it when you call him Gary or “the bad man with the teeth.” If you call him anything else, he gets mad and yells. When he’s not yelling, he likes to watch a movie called but always stops the movie near the end after an FBI man gets killed by a flying Frisbee. He says there is nothing good after that part. The movie is scary and I don’t like it but he makes me watch it every time.

6) Tina Gillespie – Age 6

Gary is a strange man who is my friend. Sometimes he says he is going to eat my parents with his bad teeth and when I tell them, they say no one is there. But Gary is there. Gary is always there. He crawls out of the furnace and lives in the vents. His favourite movie is Under Siege. Our house doesn’t have plates anymore.

7) – Age 47

My father, Gary Busey, is an academy award nominated actor well known for his roles in such films as Lethal Weapon, Point Break, and Predator 2. Many people recognize him and admire him for his on-screen intensity and acting talent. He was a wonderful father growing up. I also don’t understand why millions of children see my father, Gary Busey, but we are looking into it. I want to assure people that he is not dangerous. He’s not a “bad man”, he just seems reads as one on screen, and hates plates.

Separately, he is also the imaginary friend to millions of children worldwide. He was my imaginary friend growing up and was the imaginary friend to my daughter as well. God willing, he will one day be the imaginary friend to my grandchildren, great grandchildren, and so on – entertaining and terrifying them in equal measure. This is a sensitive situation the Busey family has been dealing with for many years and I don’t think I want to talk much more about it right now.