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How dare Trudeau attack this hardworking Canadian heckler who we shouldn’t ask any further questions about


As leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, I am outraged that publicly slammed a decent, law-abiding constituent who asked him a fair question and deserves no further scrutiny whatsoever.

During his rally in Sabrevois, Quebec, Canada’s demonizer-in-chief responded to a perfectly reasonable audience question by accusing the woman of “racism”. This charge is completely baseless, particularly if you ask zero follow-up questions about this woman, or the man next to her screaming “We’re not in Mohawk territory” after Trudeau’s land acknowledgement. In fact, if you could just forget about him altogether, I’d really appreciate it.

Some feminist! Accusing a woman of racism just because she dared to ask how Quebec would pay for his failed border policies, and also because she referred to her people as “les Québécois de souche”, which roughly means “old-stock Québécois”– Oh boy, you know what, I’m gonna nip this in the bud right now. Her “words” are not the problem, so let’s all stop talking about and re-tweeting the “exact” “words” she “said”.

No one has done more to divide Canadians than Justin Trudeau. Certainly not this defenceless patriot who probably isn’t even affiliated at all with the radical anti- group Storm Alliance. After she did her Canadian duty by standing up to Trudeau’s welcoming of illegal border crossers, we should respect her privacy by not finding her Facebook page and definitely not looking up her Twitter.

This woman stood up to Trudeau’s polarizing rhetoric. In good ol’ Andrew Scheer’s Canada, this woman should be applauded for her courage. Also, I’d really appreciate it if we keep calling her “this woman”, because who even knows what her real name is? I mean, her name could be Diane Blain, and she could possibly be the Diane Blain who made headlines in 2015 by refusing to be served by a Muslim woman at the University of Montreal’s dental clinic. But then again, maybe that’s not her name at all. The point is, let’s. Not. Find. Out.

Let me ask you who is the real racist? The so-called “world leader” who shuts down any criticism of his appalling record? Or the woman who has appeared in numerous pictures on Facebook with members of the nationalist group Front Patriotique du Québec? I think me just asking this question is enough, and you definitely don’t need to answer.

In the end, the facts are clear. FACT: This woman (again, no names necessary) was simply asking a reasonable question about Federal-Provincial funding. FACT: She was savagely attacked and branded an evil bigot which is probably what Trudeau wishes he had called her. FACT: We at the CPC are going to squeeze this incident for every anti-Liberal drop we can get out of it before people actually find out the awful shit Diane Blain stands for.

Wait, I’m just getting a Twitter notification now. Uh oh. Anyway we’re definitely still on the right side of this issue VOTE SCHEER!!!

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