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History students 50 years from now pretty sure they would have helped hide immigrants

OTTAWA — students studying at Sir Andrew Scheer High School in the year 2068 have all agreed that, had they been around during the Trump Years, they probably would have helped hide from persecution.

“I definitely would have hidden immigrants in my home,” said 15 year old Alfred Carpenter to his friends via holo-text. “I can’t believe there were so many people who did nothing while concentration camps were built all over the U.S.”

Class teacher Ashley Keen is used to hearing students speak up as they study the “Putin’s ” chapter of their history hyperwave-textbook. “Outside of WWII, the immigration crisis of 2018 is probably one of the only periods in history where it was crystal clear who the bad guys were, and so easy to know the right thing to do.”

The students confidence that they would have dropped everything to help the children being separated from their parents appears unshakeable. Their suggestions of how they would carry out their goal have ranged from smuggling the kids to Canada to just beating everyone in up.

However aggressive tactics don’t appear to be everyone’s preference. “I don’t think I’d ever be brave enough to put my life at risk. I would have been a non-violent activist like Colin Kaepernick” said student Cheryl Foster, “He found a way to make a difference with just his words, and that’s why he was respected so much at the time.”

However, despite their confidence about what they would do in the past, the students do not appear to be doing anything to deal with the ongoing Moon Apartheid.

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