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“Ozark” added to federal watch-later list

OTTAWA – In a press release today, the updated its Must Watch List for 2018, with Netflix’s taking the top spot.

“After receiving intel that Ozark is really good from my cousin Ted, the force has decided Ozark is a potential class 3 Friday night binge, and the situation should be monitored closely,” said assistant director Mason Todd. “At the moment, our next step is to coordinate field agents to find a timeframe to watch it together so we have someone to talk to about it later.”

The crime drama came on Canadian intelligence’s radar after it was suspected of possessing a complex plot and confirmed ties to , who’s pretty good in most stuff.

However, some departments haven’t forgotten the fourth season of , and have released all-points bulletins reminding the public what happens when they get their hopes too high.

In related news, CSIS is reportedly closer than ever to finding the US government’s Netflix password.

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