Live from JFL42 with Kyle Kinane, Ali Siddiq and D.J. Mausner

Luke is live at the JFL42 Comedy Festival with an all-star panel of , Ali Siddiq and D.J. Mausner. Together they discuss what visitors think when they visit Toronto (2:00), Trump’s strategy of disinviting people who weren’t coming to the (6:00), why it’s finally appropriate for Canadians to look down on Americans (10:00), when hockey players will finally take a stand (14:30), Kyle’s dream to at least get to have some BBQ before the missiles hit (20:00), Ali’s theory that late night hosts will take down Trump (25:30), and how doesn’t seem to realize that he is the PM with the power to do all the things he keeps talking about (28:30). Then the Approximately Ten Minute Long Quiz reveals how vital shamwows are during a hurricane.

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