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Everyone super impressed by big bathtub

Oakville, ON – After taking a group of friends and relatives on a tour of his recently renovated house, Tom H. Fulton, 56, was pleased to observe several “oohs” and “aahs” at the reveal of …


Local man still slipping

OTTAWA – Martin Hendricks, 43, emerged from his house this morning and immediately began slipping on the ice build up on his driveway, only for the process of him falling to go on for an un…


Psychopath still wishing everyone Happy New Year

HAMILTON – Although it is now well into January, local maniac Andy Gerhard is still going around wishing people a “Happy New Year.” “It came up completely out of the blue,” said Gerha…


Breaking: Cat unimpressed

KAMLOOPS, BC – After several alarming reports, we can now confirm that the Jacobs family house cat, Jojo is not having any of it. “He won’t eat, he won’t respond to his name. He’s just kind of st…