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Most popular sex position in each Province

Canadians love fucking just as much as the next guy. Maybe more since it helps keep us warm in the . But turns out we like fucking in different ways depending on where we live. Here are the top positions in each province.

Newfoundland: Over an iceberg

: Whatever was most popular in three years ago

: “So if I do this, you’ll let me off the island without paying the Confederation Bridge toll?”

: Anything that gets you off before the tide comes in

: Secular Pose (it’s the same as missionary but they can’t call it that anymore due to the ban on religious symbols)

Ontario: Face Down, Rent Up

Manitoba: Winnie The Pooh (both parties keep their shirts on)

: Prairie Doggy Style

: Reverse-The-Carbon-Tax Cowgirl

: Hate Fucking To Videos Of Houses You Can’t Afford