OP-ED: You wearing a mask actually is infringing on my freedom by making me feel guilty and selfish - The Beaverton

OP-ED: You wearing a mask actually is infringing on my freedom by making me feel guilty and selfish

NOTE: The author of this op-ed has requested to remain anonymous
(But not because I’m not proud of my opinion, okay?)

I am a man of principle. It’s important to stick up for what you believe and what I believe is freedom of choice. I have the freedom to do what I want and not be told what to do! And I am using that freedom to yell at every single person I see still wearing a mask.

It disgusts me whenever someone’s silly little rat face is covered up by a silly little piece of that blue doctor-y material (which sends CO2 straight to heart, by the way!). Because what that mask says to me is the person wearing it does not care about MY freedom of choice. And it is my choice to forget that the ever happened and to not question whether it is still happening.

I am an anti-authoritarian! I am one of the few Canadians standing in the way of this country becoming a full dictatorship, which all those lockdowns and stand-stills and hunker-in-places were a slippery slope to. When I yell at an N95-wearing sheep and they softly ask me to stop in their little beta voice, I see the communist state we could easily become. I won’t let that happen.

The last two years have been hard for all of us! But especially for me, a 42-year-old man with a loving wife, beautiful and a full-time job I had to do from home where I could not escape my wife and kids. And when I see some inner city elites still in , that reminds me not only of the worst time in my – I missed so many Happy Hours! – but also makes me wonder if I should still be wearing my mask?

Ridiculous, right?? I did my time in a mask and it was a hard 6 weeks. Why should I, an active adult man with a cresting six-pack and the immune system of an ox (a notoriously healthy animal) be considering filtering the air to and from my open mouth?

But then I start to doubt myself. “Could I still get sick?” I think. “Are my seasonal allergies way worse this year?” I muse. “Would wearing a mask make my family, especially my two asthmatic , safer?” I ponder, before remembering that masking is child abuse.

You mask-wearers are literally imprisoning me in an emotional prison where I am forced to consider the consequences of my actions. And if that’s not illegal, it should be.

Isn’t it supposed to be “my body, my choice” with you people? Well then, why should YOUR body make me feel bad about MY choice? Riddle me that, lefties.

I was assured growing up that is a free country, and yes maybe I actually got that from American shows that I, as a child, didn’t realize were American – but it’s still technically true. When I see someone else inconveniencing themself for public , I get a tummy ache and my head gets sad and I’m tired of unpacking why that is! But I refuse to in a culture of fear. I will not mask. I will not get vaccinated. I will never wear a seatbelt.

Speaking of “safety theatre,” it is also my right to not sanitize my hands! Filthy hands are the sign of the working man. Let me know if you want another op-end on how soap was the original tool of Big Pharma.