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Toddler better at using iPad than local man is at doing anything

Regina, SK – Michael Edugyan has realized that the 3 year old seated near him at this restaurant is better at using her than he is at doing everything in his life.

“I noticed how good she was at controlling this complicated piece of technology and my first thought was ‘wow, she’s better at using an iPad than I am,'” said Edugyan. “And that was fine. But then I realized she was actually better at using an iPad than I am at anything I do in my daily life. And that just about ruined my evening.”

“My job? Nope. Sports? No. Sex? Not a chance. I can’t think of a single thing I do as well as that three year old uses a touchscreen to move between youtube clips of people building lego and games where she is a dinosaur eating apples.”

Raised using tablets from a very young age so their parents can have a few seconds peace at dinner, it is no surprise that young are adept at manipulating them. What is surprising is the feeling of inadequacy witnessing this use has caused amongst 20 and 30 somethings who are desperate to find a single thing they do nearly as well.

“I mean it’s 10 000 hours right? That toddler has clearly put in her time in a way I never did with learning French or roller skating.”

At press time the toddler Zola had caused the entire restaurant to google life coaches after she managed to edit her home screen while playing ‘We don’t talk about Bruno’ on .