BC Ferries launches new route to Kamloops - The Beaverton

BC Ferries launches new route to Kamloops

KAMLOOPS, BC – has announced a new service from Victoria to Kamloops, weaving through the newly established inlets and fjords.

“We’re proud to be seizing the opportunities that climate change has given us,” said a BC Ferries spokesperson over the intercom. “Tourists arriving in used to have to choose between enjoying the land and enjoying the ocean. But now they can sail all the way up Fraser Valley and dive into Merritt’s deepwater fishing scene.”

With the prospect of atmospheric rivers — a term everyone in BC just learned but will become experts on by next week — becoming a regular occurance, BC Ferries is one of several industries to show interest in the hundreds of kilometers of new beachfront property that is also a mountain or a forest.

At press time, all BC Ferries’ sails into the Interior were cancelled, rescheduled, and then cancelled again.