Netflix adds ‘movies set in New York but it’s obviously Toronto’ category - The Beaverton

Netflix adds ‘movies set in New York but it’s obviously Toronto’ category

TORONTO – is adding a new category of films viewers can scroll through before just choosing to re-watch The Crown: movies set in New York that are obviously Toronto.

“We’re all about finding links between movies and shows that our users will respond to,” said Netflix spokesperson Marissa Jones. “And whether it’s a superhero movie like Suicide Squad or an Oscar winner like Cinderella Man, we think fans will love the literally hundreds of films that claimed to be taking place in New York while barely bothering to conceal the fact they were filming in the same locations as Degrassi and Drake music videos.”

“Seriously, in a lot of them you can see little flashes of the CN tower. It’s pretty insane,” she added.

While numerous films have attempted to shoot Toronto for NYC, Netflix’s team is limiting the category to films where it is so obviously Toronto that every Toronto resident watching at home will spend most of the movie re-enacting the Leonardo DiCaprio meme from Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

“Scenes on the TTC where they’ve replaced the map but haven’t changed the seats, fights at a coffee shop that are clearly Second Cup, a mansion ‘upstate’ that couldn’t be more obviously Casa Loma if there was an elementary school field trip happening in the background, things like that” said Jones.

Eagle-eyed viewers will also quickly be able to spot the difference between films that at least had the budget to shoot establishing shots in and those like Kick Ass that basically re-used intro shots from Friends and Seinfeld before cutting to a scene in a Pizza Pizza.

Netflix considered adding another category of ‘tv shows that are supposed to be middle America but are obviously Vancouver’ before realizing that is just every CW show ever made.