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Hospital interior designer thinking off-white theme for this room

– Hospital Shannon Kimble was struck by inspiration today and announced she’s strongly considering going with an off-white theme for patient room A03

“It just hit me,” said Kimble, a longtime designer with experience in both hospitals and clinics. “You go into any new project with an open mind, so in the early stages I had toyed with a lot of different color schemes. Taupe, eggshell, light beige, or maybe going vintage with puke green. But as I walked through the endless, numbing halls I realised there was only one answer for this room.”

Hospitals are known for people in their most fragile states, and designers like Kimble always have that at the forefront of their philosophies. “After painful or a life-altering diagnosis what could be better than top-down fluorescent lighting bouncing off every bleak surface? The last thing you want is something that will absorb any of that cold harsh reality.”

Kimble also thinks the off-white theme is not just functional it is also versatile. “When you’re working with things like green scrubs and blue and a completely random assortment of patterns and colours for curtains, you need something that will match and also clash: off-white to the rescue.”

At press time Kimble had narrowed down the flooring options to shag or cold sterile linoleum.