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Goals! How these two millennials managed to buy a home in Toronto

– The Toronto market is on right now, but these two millennials still managed to afford a home in the city with a few easy tricks!

“We were both able to monetize how we spend our time,” explained one member of the couple who, to remain anonymous, asked to be referred to only as ‘Her Royal Highness’.

“One of the key things to earning is to find a way to make what you do or don’t do at all earn income for you. Also, have English tax-payers cover the entire down payment.”

The couple revealed they did not originally in Toronto, but recently moved here after their environment became toxic. They decided early on they didn’t want to waste money on rent, so they started by roughing it and living in one of their ’ many castles before the move.

“At first when you announce you’re going to a city, you’re going to get literally thousands of endorsement deals and offers,” explained Prince John Doe. “The key thing is to make a huge announcement, let the dust settle, then see where your best options are. As long as people don’t ask about your perverted, criminal family, you’re good.”

The couple has since moved on from Toronto and now lives in Los Angeles, describing themselves as “foreign investors” in the Canadian housing market. They have said another key to affording a home is to purchase property to list as an AirBNB, and then gain streams of passive income.

The final tip they shared is to cut out the little costs to save up. “Take out that cup of Starbucks everyday, and that avocado toast from Fresh,” explained HRH.

“Unless you are sponsored by them for some reason or they give it to you for free because of who you are.”