Man still in jail for weed congratulates Marco Muzzo on getting parole for killing 4 - The Beaverton

Man still in jail for weed congratulates Marco Muzzo on getting parole for killing 4

Toronto East Detention Centre – Inmate Miles Brown, who has been incarcerated for several years for selling marijuana before that was the government’s job, said he was happy for , just paroled for his drunken murder of 4 people, including 3 .

“Good for Marco! I would have thought it would be difficult to get out of so soon after a mass killing spree, but I’m no lawyer,” said Brown. “Just a man still incarcerated for doing something corporations are currently making millions off of.”

“Personally I think it’s quirks and eccentricities like this that make our justice system so great,” he added from the 7 square metre cell that has been his home for several years and will be for several more.

The Board took into account several factors in granting Muzzo parole, including the fact that he had a job lined up at his family’s company, that he wasn’t a flight risk because he was rich enough to a lavish, -style life right at home, and that he had finally, years later, expressed the tiniest sliver of remorse over taking the lives of Daniel, 9, Harry, 5, and Milly, 2.

“So great to hear Marco has a job lined up at his family ,” said Brown referring to the Muzzo family construction empire, valued at over $1.86 billion. “It’s always important to give ex-cons a chance,” said Brown, who will spend the next decade trying to expunge his record so he can work again.

“Sure Brown [who was recently denied parole] and others like him committed entirely non-violent offences, but you have to understand they did those non-violent offences multiple times. Whereas Marco only killed 4 people once. We had to take that into account,” said Parole Board Member Tanya O’Brien.

O’Brien added that given Muzzo has been in jail for four years, the Board had no choice but to uphold the well-known legal principle of ‘one year in jail per person murdered.’

Muzzo has promised to turn his life around and swears that, in the future, he will hide his drunk much better.