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Experts baffled after so many lives enriched by Reddit

NATIONWIDE – Following the success of the Gamestop short-squeeze largely instigated by the r/wallstreetbets subreddit, many experts are amazed to witness the website as a positive force in people’s lives, in stark contrast to its entire .

“Not a single human has ever left feeling less miserable than when they arrived. We’ve done studies. ” said sociologist Margaret LeRue at McGill University. “We have a better understanding of the origin of the universe than how a site where a slur for mentally-disabled people gets regularly used is somehow improving people’s lives.”

Confoundment at this phenomenon has extended to even Reddit’s own board. “We started Reddit with the goal of only making ourselves richer. The idea that people are using a site meant for online hunts and sending death threats to strangers to their fiscal benefit – it’s beyond our comprehension,” explained Reddit CEO and co-founder Steve Huffman. “They’ve only generated enough hate speech to warrant losing their Discord severing, which is pretty good for the site that helped spawn the incel movement.”

Some analysts believe that this unusually beneficial subreddit may yet have a chance to do more harm than good. “The only good thing coming out of r/wallstreetbets is that people are doing better financially, and that could easily lead to a new subreddit for horrible wealthy people,” said long time Reddit moderator Jim Harlow. “Trust me, it’s just a matter of time before someone posts something about white genocide or some QAnon conspiracy theories and then it’s back to the doxfest.”

Experts speculate the life enrichment is in part aided by the r/wallstreetbets users not also subscribing to any of the many subreddits devoted entirely to Russian car crash footage. Currently, the eyes of the world are waiting to see if Reddit will the economy alone and go back to unduly influencing national like we’re all used to.