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Your racist boss leads session on diversity in the workplace

YOUR TOWN, – Today, your boss, who is best known for making racist jokes and getting the of your Black colleagues confused, will be holding a session on and inclusion.

“HR has been nagging us to hire some specialists to lead this,” noted your boss as he introduced the session. “But I’m more than happy to take time out of my day and show you all how if you hard and keep your heads down, you can all rise through the ranks just like I did,” said the man who inherited the company from his father.

When asked about accusations that his company systematically blocks BIPOC employees from promotions, your boss affirmed, “Look, diversity is not an issue at our office. We have execs who have blond and execs who have red hair. But we find ways to see past our superficial differences and find commonalities – like how we all store our in the same Panamanian tax shelter.”

The session will entail complimenting model minorities, gaslighting experiences of discrimination, and drawing false equivalences between racialized traumas and that time your boss was sad because the neighbourhood association made him take down his Confederate flags.

“My employees are my friends, and this session will help me connect with my friends of colour,” said your boss who has no friends of colour. “Since I am such a great friend, I’m going to take an even more active role in blocking our employees with darker complexions from promotions to roles where they could experience discrimination.”

At press time, your boss had hired a Proud Boys chapter to give a talk about self-esteem in the workplace.